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Potential Coaches – SQSA and Bloomington

You can remain with Alex at SQSA, regardless of who is your coach going forward.

Gina recommended Kate Shurts, below, at Bloomington. However, Katrina said Kate is a “shark who’s only out for herself.” Katrina recommended Page.

In terms of timing, Katrina said that if you want to work with Page, we should email her and have a phone conversation letting her know we are making a coaching change and that we are notifying Sandy ASAP.

Katrina said that if you do not find ice time with Sandy healthy and/or productive you should stop working with her immediately to take care of yourself. We can ask for more time with Alex and Rodrigo and Katrina will take you when she can.

As an aside, Katrina said Kelly knows everyone in the ice performing world (Disney, cruise ships, etc.) and would be a great person to get you connected when you’re ready.

Rebekah, how do you feel about working with Page?

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