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Website Development

Incarnation Lutheran

Incarnation Lutheran Church is one of the larger Christian faith communities in the Twin Cities. Recognizing they had outgrown their approach to communications, they requested a complete communications plan culminating in new graphics and re-development of their website.

Working with a small team of motivated leaders, we developed a congregational survey to preliminarily assess brand identity. We went on to refresh their current logo and visuals, re-map their website and create a more contemporary online identity.



Successful blogging is about more than words on a page. It’s about consistency, relevance, and conversation.

It can be difficult for even the most dedicated blogger to keep up with the time required to maintain a relevant blogging profile.

Recognizing this, the Youth Ministries Office of The Episcopal Church contracts with me to create a blogging schedule and implement regular blog posts. I also work with them to enhance SEO and distribute the posts across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and youtube.


SocialPhonicsI am a certified Social Phonics coach, leading social media and communications trainings across the upper midwest. I am especially qualified to lead workshops in social media, communications strategy and messaging, and branding for small organizations.

In addition, I have held workshops at the Minnesota Nonprofits Communicators Conference and worked on-on-one with leaders of nonprofits, churches, and small businesses both in Minnesota and throughout the country.

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