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Executive Director

As Executive Director of Grasstops, Inc., I anaged all aspects of this statewide lobbying, advocacy, training, and consulting organization, including structure, 4-person staff, and budget. Additionally, I:

  • Developed proposals and written materials advertising services provided by Grasstops.
  • Regularly met with and maintain relationships with legislators, potential clients, and nonprofit professionals.
  • Created media relationships and write and distribute educational materials and press releases.
  • Worked with staff to develop sustainable funding sources and submit grant applications for program support.
  • Worked with potential clients to negotiate workplans and contracts for advocacy and coalition building. Build relationships with Board of Directors to continue to build support for organization.

Significant accomplishments:

  • The organization had been dormant for several months and was experiencing significant financial distress. As the new Executive Director, I worked with the Board of Directors to make the difficult decision to use their remaining finances to organize their bank accounts, layoff staff, and place the organization into dormancy for a period of Board-driven re-visioning and renewed mission development.
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