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Communications Director

On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible for creating, planning and implementing a comprehensive and consistent statewide print, electronic, web 2.0 and strategic communications and marketing plan on behalf of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. This includes:

  • Establishing and sustaining multiple websites and blogs (,,
  • Publishing weekly and monthly e-newsletters, webcasts, podcasts, social networks ( and web 2.0 tools like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Partnering with congregations, committees, schools, and congregations to create coordinated communications program.
  • Working with the Executive Officer and Bishop to establish messaging protocol.
  • Interacting with statewide media.
  • Developing and managing major statewide events.
  • Managing department budget and several employees.

Significant accomplishments:

  • In 2008, I gathered and coordinated a partnership that sponsored the largest statewide shoe drive in US history, generating media attention on all major networks and receiving a national religious communications award for identity and comprehensiveness.
  • In 2010, I maximized the use of social media, including audio and video, webcasting and podcasting, to facilitate the election of the IX Bishop of Minnesota.
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