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Social Media and Theology

Last night I worked with a group of youth and their parents at Nativity Episcopal Church, Bursville on the idea of the intersection between social media and theology.

Despite working with churches for years I had never been asked to specifically develop a theological reflection on social media.

For me, it all comes down to the concept of “koinonia,” a Greek term used frequently in the Greek New Testament to describe intimately connected community.

I believe that, at its best, social media undergirds existing bonds of deep friendship – allowing us to remain in community despite the busyness of life and challenges of increasingly transient lives. Think about the last time you followed a friend who was traveling, looking at their photos on Facebook and maybe commenting on a few status updates. Next time you see that friend, don’t you ask about that trip? Don’t you remark on their photos and maybe something they wrote? It’s almost as if we share the experience with them.

At the deepest levels of our souls, at the essence of our spiritual selves, we all want to be in relationships with each other – we want to know and be known.

Social media helps us do just that.

Life Without a SmartPhone

I’ve been 3 weeks without a smartphone now.

Am I struggling? No.

Am I disconnected? No.

Am I bored? No…hardly. Really?

Here’s the thing. I think Smartphones can be great tools (especially if you’re traveling) – but I think they can also be great distractions. Social Media and marketing should be direct, strategic, and intentional. I am not convinced smartphones increase connection but they definitely make social media blunders far more likely.

Think of all those celebs who send really ill-timed, ill-conceived tweets. Guarantee they are from smartphones.

How about using your computer or your iPad? Simply by having to open the computer or search around for the iPad, it will force you to focus and help prevent spontaneous social media combustion.

If you’re wishing you could throw your phone in the river. Don’t.

Sell it on Ebay.