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A faith community that knows its brand

I was hired by Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church, St. Paul to do some video storytelling for them around the question, ‘Why do you come to St. Mary’s.’

Going into this project I expected responses to fall into 3, maybe 4, categories. I didn’t have any idea what those categories might be but knowing Episcopal churches the way I do folks tend to gather around the ideas of liturgy, music, preaching and sacraments.

To my surprise, nearly every person I interviewed said, ‘Community.’

At first I was trying to pull more out of folks. “Tell me about the worship service,” I would ask. Or, “What was the first thing you noticed when you started here.”

On my second Sunday of filming I gave all of that up. Here is an example of a faith community that clearly knows and embraces its brand – from the leadership down to the regular old person in the pews.

Although the video might be a bit challenging to put together give the mono-thematic answers (I’m thinking of a more light hearted approach), I think Saint Mary’s has a lot to be proud of when it comes to building a sense of understanding, loyalty, and ownership among its community members.

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