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Why I prefer the Vampire

I prefer Abe Lincoln as a Vampire Hunter (the book, not the movie) to the recent version of his life as told by Mr. Spielberg in the every so creatively-titled movie, Lincoln.

I know I’m bucking the trend. Lincoln is getting great reviews and everyone is nuts for Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of Honest Abe…not to mention Tommy Lee Jones’ performance, which was equally spectacular.

However, in terms of story and the meaning being conveyed, give me the Vampire Hunter.

While the facts of Lincoln are more accurate, details are not always the best way to convey a message. Its the details that get in the way of conveying the truth. Did anyone besides me find themselves wondering during Lincoln, ‘Did that really happen? Was Lincoln really that calm?’ I was literally lost in the details.

It’s meaning and story that matters.It’s when you let go of the facts and allow yourself to go on a fantastical ride. It’s the reason the tall tales and classics stick around long after the biographies and memoirs are gone. It’s the reason why the Bible continues to hold our attention.

Life of Pi, both the book and the recently released movie, illustrates this concept well. As did one of my other fav flicks, Big Fish. Maybe check these out and see what you think.

“All the facts and none of the flavor.”

I’ll take the story.


How’s this fit into communications and social media?

Telling a story, communicating the flavor of your organization is far more important than telling people what you want them to do. Does Coke advertise by simply saying, ‘Buy Coke. It’s at the store’. Nope.

They create a whole image around Coke. They tell you a story that allows you to put yourself in the picture.

How can you do that with your communications?

What’s your story?

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  1. I just finished Carl Sandburg’s biographical work on Lincoln. I am afraid neither movie can live up to the image that Sandburg has cast in my mind and imagination. Nothing like the written word, which does, indeed, impact bloggery.

    November 28, 2012

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