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Life Without a SmartPhone

I’ve been 3 weeks without a smartphone now.

Am I struggling? No.

Am I disconnected? No.

Am I bored? No…hardly. Really?

Here’s the thing. I think Smartphones can be great tools (especially if you’re traveling) – but I think they can also be great distractions. Social Media and marketing should be direct, strategic, and intentional. I am not convinced smartphones increase connection but they definitely make social media blunders far more likely.

Think of all those celebs who send really ill-timed, ill-conceived tweets. Guarantee they are from smartphones.

How about using your computer or your iPad? Simply by having to open the computer or search around for the iPad, it will force you to focus and help prevent spontaneous social media combustion.

If you’re wishing you could throw your phone in the river. Don’t.

Sell it on Ebay.

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