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Facebook landing page tabs really work

Facebook recented created and then quickly removed restrictions on the use of landing tabs on Facebook Pages. Says Facebook:

As of last night, we’ve removed the recently-added authentication requirement for setting custom landing tabs on Pages. The requirement was instituted as part of a Pages quality initiative, and we apologize for the inconvenience this caused to our developer and business community. We are re-investigating the situation, and will not make any further changes without first giving our community standard notice and lead-time.

Why are landing tabs a target?

Jeff Widman of BrandGlue did a study where they performed split test ads and they drove ads to custom landing tab and another set was driving just to the wall. The findings:

Those ad-driven visitors converted to fans at a rate of approximately 47% WITH a landing tab. When we turned off the landing tab, those same ad-driven visitors converted to fans at approximately 23%. A VERY noticeable loss in conversions over the course of the campaign.

Bottom line. It’s worth your time and effort to use a service like Fan Page Engine to use your original artwork or videos or photos to create a custom landing tab for your page.

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