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Happy New Year technology

So we get this new video conferencing system installed before Christmas. Because I’m short on time, I hire GeekSquad to help me out with set up. I go to turn the thing on…it’s working! Whew, no follow-up.

I then go and buy online webex, turn on my fantastic new tv and computer. It asks me for the password. Wait. What? I don’t have a password. So much for no follow-up. Now I’m sitting around with this mondo system and can’t use it because I’m missing the magic word.


Having someone help you with your technology is always a mixed bag. It might get done, but you often have no idea how to make it work because you don’t really understand the system.

Even though I am not a hardware kind of gal I’ve found it’s often better to just tackle the project myself than to bring someone else in from the outside. I guess that’s why I do what I do…help people figure out how to do things for themselves. The old “teach someone to fish” approach.

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